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Facebook Hacker

Facebook hacker

How to hack Facebook

Today the most commonly used method to hack Facebook is through password recovery to which there are many ways to do this some of these methods include

Facebook Phishing
Remote Update Facebook Status
Man, in the Middle Attack

But one of the simplest of the methods to hack Facebook is as follows….
When you log into Facebook you get the option of password recovery. This option will not give you the current password, although it will allow you to change your password to a new password.
After you enter a new email address, it gives you the option of entering the answer to a security question which the user answered when they first opened the account.
Typically, this question is a personal question that only the user and a close and intimate friend would know the answer too. To enter the correct password, you either have a close relationship with the user or you are a great guesser.
However, to all those individuals who like hacking into others personal and private accounts, BEWARE.
Facebook also has a feature that sends an email to the user after attempting to log in with no success. If you are trying to hack Facebook, be cautious or just don’t do it.


hacker facebook

Post by hackfacebookn (2017-03-04 02:15)

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